Start the New Year out on a clean paw with PAWS4Health's version of bubbly, Wash n' Wag Pet Shampoo! 

Infused with medicinal herbs like usnea and good ol' Nova Scotia kelp for pets with itchy skin or dry coats. Wash n' Wag also features a light lemongrass scent with a hint of lavender -- your pets will not only look clean and fresh, they'll smell that way, too!

Dog owners are very particular about the smell of dog shampoos. They want something calming and comforting, not too strong or perfumed. The result, created by Paws4Health business owner Maureen Tate, is a fresh, clean scent. Kelp helps with dry skin and results in a shiny, soft coat. 

Wash n' Wag was developed for the love of dogs and don't we all want to do what’s best for our much loved companions??



GAYLE & JJ's Story

Recently returned from a 12 day visit to High River, Alberta to visit my hubby who is working out there. Took my English Springer Spaniel, 'JJJones' too. She attended the Springer National Specialty Show @ Spruce Meadows, as well.
Thanks to Maureen, I learned about the dehydrated raw dog food, SMACK. As a RAW feeder, I wanted a convenient complimentary food for 'JJ' that I could use while staying out there that would be easy to prepare for a raw fed dog, on the road. This food was PERFECT!!!
During that whole time, 'JJ' ate every SMACK meal and never had a tummy upset. And even upon returning & going back to her usual raw diet, there hasn't been any problems. This is a great & complete food, for folks considering switching to raw but without all the hassle.
I am, a very happy customer!!! Thank you, Maureen.